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            +86-0580-2616625  13857207978

            Chemical action in medical protective equipment>

            In the face of a common war epidemic, no one can stay out of it. BASF will continue to work hard to meet the raw material supply of the material manufacturers involved in the fight against the epidemic. We are willing to work hand in hand...


            The artificial intelligence and medical treatment generated by the epidemic will be more possible in the future>

            Conclusion: in addition to the new demands for the medical industry, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic will also stimulate the application of artificial intelligence technology in other industries. In the future, as iFLYTEK believes, a...


            Waste recycling aims at all plastics>

            Alice harlock, member and service manager of on packaging recycling label, said: "well designed plastic packaging has played a great role on the earth, preventing 97% of the greenhouse gas emissions related to food that we may produce and...


            Zoom in 100 times to see N95 melt-spraying cloth, why can't the virus pass through?>

            N95 mask can filter most of haze, dust, pollen, influenza virus, smoke and dust in automobile exhaust, and the filtering efficiency should be at least 95%. N stands for not resistant to oil, i.e. not oil resistant, and 95 stands for the...


            Tel:  +86-0580-2616625 13857207978

            86-86-0580-2616625  86-0580-2616625  13857207978

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