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            +86-0580-2616625  13857207978

            Chemical action in medical protective equipment


            A serious public health emergency affects the nerves of countless people. Everyone is prepared to meet the challenge of the novel coronavirus. BASF, at the upstream of the industrial chain, is also delivering positive chemical energy to win the battle.

            In the front line of fighting against the "epidemic", medical personnel need to wear masks, goggles, gloves and airtight integrated protective clothing for a long time. The continuous working time of four to six hours is not only a test of physical strength and willpower of medical staff, but also a challenge to the performance of medical protective equipment. So what are BASF's chemical based solutions?

            The main part of the medical mask consists of three layers of polypropylene (PP) material: the upper and lower layers are non-woven fabric, and the middle layer is melt blown material. The melt blown material can act as a filter to prevent microorganisms from entering or leaving the mask, while the non-woven fabric can provide strength. The earband of the mask is mainly made of spandex.

            PolyTHF in mask Gamma

            BASF is the world's leading PolyTHF Gamma )One of the manufacturers, PolyTHF Gamma It is mainly used to produce spandex elastic fiber for various textiles. In the field of medical protection, spandex fiber is widely used in the field of medical protection, such as mask earband, elastic binding of medical protective clothing and so on. In addition, PolyTHF Gamma Spandex fiber is widely used in the production of sportswear, underwear, outerwear and swimwear.

            PolyTHF Gamma Outstanding antibacterial performance and stable performance in case of water make spandex fabric remain elastic in sweat soaked environment, with better antibacterial performance and more comfortable to wear. (Figure: Poly THF Gamma Spandex produced)

            Like medical masks, medical protective clothing is made of polypropylene (PP) and other polymer materials.

            In general, polymer materials will break the chain in the process of processing, resulting in significant changes in the molecular weight distribution, and the mechanical and optical properties of materials may be seriously reduced.

            BASF provides a wide range of additive products for plastic material manufacturers, which can be used to effectively guarantee the long-term thermal stability and processing stability of various materials. For example, BASF Irganox ? antioxidant series was used in the production of a kind of ventilating material for medical protective clothing during the anti epidemic period.

            Irganox ? in protective clothing

            At the beginning of the new year, Guangzhou Hecheng Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hecheng) resumed work in response to the urgent needs of medical protective clothing customers, and began the production of medical protective clothing breathable membrane composite. For the special requirements of medical protective clothing, such as high water pressure resistance, high air permeability, high wear resistance and blood resistance, Irganox ? B215, a synergistic antioxidant of BASF, is used in the compound developed by Hecheng. (picture: medical protective clothing produced by Irganox ?)

            Whether it's the operation of the enterprise itself or the products developed for customers, we will never compromise on matters involving personnel health.

            Medical application materials should follow strict standards. For example, in the drug delivery system, it is very important to ensure the high dimensional accuracy and stability of materials.

            BASF's ultraform ? pro (POM) and ultradur ? pro (PBT) are two specialty engineering plastics optimized for medical applications, which are mainly used for inhalers, insulin pens, atomizing devices and measuring equipment. In addition, BASF thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) elastolan ? is particularly suitable for medical applications. The material has excellent transparency, chemical resistance, excellent tear resistance and flexibility, and can meet the production requirements of infusion sets, catheter, wound dressing and other medical devices.

            Medical catheter solutions

            The picture shows the multi-purpose medical catheter produced by BASF elastolan ?

            In addition to meeting the strict standards of various products for materials and ensuring the safety and health of medical staff and patients, BASF is also striving to create new chemical functions for further improving the performance of products.

            Anti fog solution for goggles

            BASF provides a wealth of surface modifiers and hydrophilic polymers, which can be customized for different lens materials and used for lens wiping cloth.

            By reducing the surface tension of water or absorbing water, it can prevent the mirror from forming tiny water droplets and fogging, and the transparent water film will not affect the vision.

            Solution of anti bacteria and formaldehyde removal for mask

            Through the treatment of BASF cationic polymer lupasol ? P, the removal ability of respirator for bacteria is significantly improved, and the formaldehyde in the inhaled gas is effectively removed.

            The safety of this product has been FDA certified and can be used in various scenarios including food contact.

            In the face of a common war epidemic, no one can stay out of it. BASF will continue to work hard to meet the raw material supply of the material manufacturers involved in the fight against the epidemic. We are willing to work hand in hand with partners in related industries to improve everyone's health and well-being and create a new role in chemistry!

            Tel:  +86-0580-2616625 13857207978

            86-86-0580-2616625  86-0580-2616625  13857207978

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