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            +86-0580-2616625  13857207978

            Zhoushan Zhenyu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd


            Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province


            Zhenyu machinery:

            Set technology research and development, processing and manufacturing, sales services


            Corporate mission:

            We should be brave in making innovations and forge ahead


            Corporate philosophy:

            Continuous optimization of process and continuous improvement of production process


            Corporate image:

            The introduction of the world's advanced level of vertical and horizontal machining centers has achieved high precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process,Ensure that every part is error free


            At present, Zhenyu plastic machine has formed the main product series represented by zyk series and ZYW series. The mold closing force is from 780kn to 22000kn, and it is customized by users. The main reason why Zhenyu plastic machine is accepted by customers in the market is its strong locking force, high injection pressure, large opening stroke and stable performance.

            Zhenyu plastic machine is widely used in automobile industry, home appliance industry, packaging container industry, medical products, construction industry, optical products and other manufacturing fields, including products with high manufacturing difficulty and strict material requirements, such as fast food boxes, construction pipe joints, etc.

            Under the guidance of ISO9001 quality management system, relying on standardized business process and strict 6S management, Zhenyu plastic machinery strictly controls the quality in every step of procurement, process arrangement, processing and production, assembly, commissioning, etc., and has been committed to fine management and zero defect production for a long time to ensure that every partner has no worries. For different types of products, Zhenyu plastic machine has developed strict quality inspection standards. Each injection molding machine must pass the material physical and chemical test, part processing test, assembly component unit simulation test to the single machine running 72 hours test, to ensure the high accuracy and high stability of the product quality.

            Adhering to the principle of equal emphasis on quality and reputation, Zhenyu plastic machine has developed into a strong injection molding machine manufacturer in China. Its products are sold all over the country, and also have a certain popularity in Southeast Asia and other regions. In the future, Zhenyu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. will adhere to the brand marketing strategy, further promote the fine management, comprehensively improve the execution, improve the sales and service system, and jointly create a new industrial alliance with partners.



            Innovation starts from the original intention / quality craftsman starts from the heart

            All resource allocation complies with the changes of the market, uses the flexible configuration of lean production elements and continuously eliminates waste. Our production management starts from process optimization, process standardization and on-time delivery, and carries out various production activities with the goal of simple process and reasonable utilization of equipment.

            Tel:  +86-0580-2616625 13857207978

            86-86-0580-2616625  86-0580-2616625  13857207978

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