Corporate Videos

Vision Lab provides an effective video communication medium, in not only the Corporate sectors, but also the Broadcast and Internet world.

Video has become an integral part of the Corporate sector, providing Promotional DVDs, Training and Educational Videos, Seminars and now more popular and accessible than ever before, Webinars.

If a picture tells a thousand words, then what does a video do ?


  • TV Commercials
  • Promotional Videos
  • Company Website & Internet Ads
  • Product Webinars
  • Team Building/Conferences


Advertising your company or product has never been so affordable. From full TV Broadcast quality productions, right through to webinar tutorial videos, this makes it easier than ever before to get your message across. Now days, with so many choices at the consumers finger tips, staying ahead of the competition and making it simple and easy for customers to see and hear exactly what they want, has never been so important.

Webinars to your employees also keeps the whole company informed and up to date. Vision Lab currently produces regular video webcasts on company websites, to keep everyone in touch and on track. From demonstrations of new products to a monthly broadcast on company positions and products, video drives the message home.